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After completing the sale of one gentleman's business, he said to me "You might want to tell other business owners that even though they have not considered selling their business at this time, the right buyer for their business might be looking to buy now!"


If you have decided you are ready to start investigating the possibility of selling your business, you have come to the right place. Please contact us and we will arrange for a confidential meeting at a time and place of your convenience. However, if you would like to jumpstart the process please proceed with the following steps:


1) Click on the Valuation Confidentiality Agreement link on the left side of this page.


2) Fill out the Valuation Confidentiality Agreement and fax back to Alexander Daniel LLC. The President of Alexander Daniel LLC will then sign the agreement and fax you back a copy. This is designed to give you as a business owner some additional assurance that any information you share with us willl be held in the strictest confidence.


3) Click on the Free Business Valuation link on the left side of the page and begin filling out the requested data.


4) Once you have entered in the data, hit submit and the information will be securely transferred to Alexander Daniel LLC.


5) A representative from our company will contact you to present the valution to you in person. This is not a Certified Appraisal or a Certified Calculation of Value , however it will give you a very clear idea of what your business will sell for based on, industry comparables(cash flow multiples and % of gross sales), tangible and intangible assets, competitive environment, unique characteristics of your business, owner replacement criteria etc.






Thank you for trusting Alexander Daniel LLC to assist you with this important transition.