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Congratulations on making a decision to  become a business owner. John F. Kennedy  liked to cite the following ancient Greek definition of happiness : "The full use of your powers along lines of excellence". We at Alexander Daniel believe that owning your own business affords an individual an opportunity to pursue happiness by that definition.


If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss current businesses we have listed or would like to come in and discuss the buying process and some of the specific criteria you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. However, if you would like to jumpstart the process we would suggest taking advantage  of some of the following resources:


1) Personal Financial Statement - This is a snapshot of your current financial position. The form we provided is from the Small Business Administration and will be more than adequate for any financial institution or advisor.


2) Confidential Buyer Profile - This is a series of questions that will help you get clear on what your goals and aspirations are in regards to business ownership. This information can also be very useful to business intermediaries and other alliance partners you are working with in order to accomplish your objectives.


We at Alexander Daniel strongly recommend that you take the time to fill out the above mentioned forms prior to our first meeting. Any information that you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.